Monday, April 14, 2014

Give as good as you get, GOP...

Why don't the Republicans in the Senate fight back. Like, ever?

I mean, Harry Reid is bashing the Koch brothers with an almost Turret's-like cadence, on the Senate floor, on the record. Because they are rich, and disagree with his liberal policies, they are tarred as being unAmerican.

So why don't the Republican senators give as good as they get?

Every time Reid does one of his Koch brothers bashing sessions, a Republican should get up and point out the hypocrisy on display. Reid never seems to have a problem with billionaires making enormous donations to liberal or Democrat causes. Billionaires like James Simmons (hedge fund manager - wait, isn't Wall Street evil?), Irwin Jacobs (computers), John Stryker (inherited his money), George Soros (a legal immigrant - how dare he follow the law!), David Shaw (hedge funds again), James Crown (investments), Marc Lasry (hedge funds yet again), etc.?

Reid is out to intimidate wealthy donors from donating to the GOP and conservative/libertarian causes. Let's see what the left does when given a dose of its own medicine.

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  1. The Republicans, with 2 or 3 exceptions are content to play the same games as the Democrats. If you doubt this, here is a quick test...

    Forget the Senate & the Administration for the moment. They are not relevant. Republicans control the House with a substantial majority. No bill can be brought to the floor in the House without their consent. No bill can pass w/o their votes.

    Are the Republicans serious about cutting wasteful spending, balancing the budget, repealing ObamaCare, or whatever else they want you to think they stand for? They certainly put on a good show for you. But now consider Article I, Section 7, Clause 1, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;". This clause is not new or surprising to anyone (except maybe the vast majority of Americans who have never read the Constitution, have no clue how their government actually works, and believe whatever their favorite news channel tells them to). It is one of the checks & balances written into the Constitution, and it means that there is no way to create a new tax, increase or otherwise modify an existing tax, or borrow money via a bond issue without the consent of the so-called House Republican "Leadership", and a substantial number of Republican members' votes.

    Now ask yourself again,. are the Republicans serious, or are they all talk?

    If they were serious, they could start balancing the budget & stuff tomorrow and there is nothing the Senate or the President could do to stop them.

    That said, yeah, Republican Senators probably ought to call Harry Reid on his bullshit more often.